I need to give permission to a user to start, stop and restart Rstudio's shiny-server.

Right now, I have been managing the service upon this user's request with sudo service restart shiny-server, but now I want the user to manage this.

My first approach to this problem is to edit the /etc/sudoers. But I realized I have no idea what the full path of shiny-server is, so I have no idea what to put in the /etc/sudoers file. I would have hoped to find it in /etc/init.d/, but that isn't the case.

Does anyone have experience with this or a work-around?

I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial Xerus) on this server.

The version of R is 3.4.1 and it was compiled from source.

  • Did my solution work for you? If you're getting an error then can your run the command which service and tell me the result. I can then update my answer to make sure it works. – Crypteya Jan 30 '19 at 1:35
  • 1
    This solution does work and my user is happy now! Thank you for your help. – papermachine Jan 30 '19 at 22:34

You probably don't need the filepath for shiny-server.

You should be able to give the user the required permissions by adding the following line to your /etc/sudoers file:

username ALL=(root) service restart shiny-server, service stop shiny-server, service start shiny-server

After adding that line, the other user should be able to run sudo service restart shiny-server (as well as start/stop. If you're intent on finding the init script locations, the normal locations to look are:


(found via this question)

  • You would need the path for service to be listed , eg /sbin/service. – Stephen Harris Jan 25 '19 at 2:45
  • sudo visudo /etc/sudoers says that adding this line adds a syntax error. Any idea why? – Dan Chaltiel Oct 24 '20 at 14:38

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