I found the systemd-journald takes like 1GB+ of memory. After some searching I set the value of SystemMaxUse and RuntimeMaxUse both to 8M in "/etc/systemd/journald.conf". Then restart the journald.

After a while I found that limit doesn't work, check through 'top' and procstat.memory_rss, the systemd-journald still consumes 100+M after a while (Below is the visualization of journald memory catch through procstat.memory_rss). Any idea?

My systemd version is 219.

enter image description here

  • Yep, it does grab a lot of RAM. – K7AAY Jan 24 at 23:37

Both SystemMaxUse and RuntimeMaxUse control disk space usage not memory usage. RuntimeMaxUse does apply to logs on the volatile file system (/run) but thats not captured by procstat.memory_rss Further neither of those options constrain active log files only archived ones.

If journald really is using a GB I would take a serious look at whats creating all of those logs.

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