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I just installed Kali Linux (on /dev/sda5) in dual boot with Ubuntu (on /dev/sda2). However, now that I have Kali, Ubuntu takes a few minutes to launch, whereas Kali takes a few seconds, and I would like the contrary. How can I do that ?


  • Ubuntu took about 20 seconds to launch before I installed the dual boot.
  • I have updated Grub on both partitions, so it looks different if I choose to boot with Ubuntu or Kali in the BIOS.
  • The step that seems to take the more time (about two thirds of the time) shows : a start job is running for dev-disk-by\...a-lot-of-characters...\.device


Editing my fstab to have the correct UUID for my swap partition only reduced by half the booting time: Ubuntu still takes a good 45 seconds to launch: so my question is not a duplicate of the questions suggested.


Rebuilding my initramfs (sudo update-initramfs -u) and then updating grub (sudo update-grub) did the job: now Ubuntu takes only 10 seconds to launch. Thanks everyone!

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    how long did ubuntu take to boot before you installed kali? – jsotola Jan 24 at 22:35
  • Did you reinstall grub? - does the OS selection screen look different? – Crypteya Jan 24 at 23:43
  • What's taking the time? You should be able to see the boot process by removing 'quiet splash' from the grub line that is booting (press e when it comes to the OS selection screen and remove the words 'quiet splash' this will be a one time change to your system so rebooting will be however it is now). – user1794469 Jan 25 at 1:19
  • Sorry Thomas but I found no answer there – Ul Tome Jan 25 at 13:36

(I would have rather posted a comment asking for more information, but I can't, so...)

You probably change some of your partitions during the installation process and now your system is trying to mount a partition that no longer exists, or some other impossible thing, until the job finally timeouts and gives up You should edit your /etc/fstab according to your current partitions, that you can check in a variety of ways(fdisk, lsblk, etc).

This question looks very similar to yours and may be exactly your problem(since your system boots, it wasn't a very important partition that failed, maybe swap?).

In this question they even suggest gparted, which has a graphical interface, to check partitions if you prefer.

  • Editing my fstab and then rebuilding my initramfs did the job, and now Ubuntu takes only 10 seconds to launch. Thanks for your help ! – Ul Tome Jan 26 at 13:05
  • Glad to help! It bothers me a little that this question got marked as duplicate of that question. This problem is not that related to Kali Linux, but to a problem during installation that could have happened in other distros. There may be a duplicate, but no the one that was marked. – Arthur Moraes Do Lago Jan 26 at 16:46
  • Yes, I would like this marking as duplicate to be removed... – Ul Tome Jan 27 at 18:49

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