I am trying to get Symless Synergy version 1.8.8 to autostart when my Ubuntu 18.04 client desktop boots up. I have followed these instructions carefully, but Synergy only starts after logging in.


I believe this is caused because gdm3 is not loading on boot, but only after login. I used to have several display managers and was given an option of which one to load at the login screen. I got rid of the others and the option to load gdm3 at login disappeared. I was hoping that because of this it was loading at boot. It doesn't appear so. I believe this could be a run level issue, but I am in uncharted territory here.

Can someone advise me on how to force gdm3 to load at boot?

  • What I want is to have the synergy client already loaded before the login screen appears. – Steve3p0 Jan 24 at 23:16

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