When I try to create a Windows 10 bootable USB on my Linux Ubuntu 18.04 with WoeUSB it gives me this error:

Installation failed!
Exit code: 256
Mounting source filesystem...
Error: File "/media/woeusb_source_1548324574_1839/sources/install.wim" 
in source image has exceed the FAT32 Filesystem 4GiB Single File Size 
Limitation and cannot be installed.  You must specify a different -- 
Refer: https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB/wiki/Limitations#fat32- 
filesystem-4gib-single-file-size-limitation for more info.
Unmounting and removing "/media/woeusb_source_1548324574_1839"...
You may now safely detach the target device

My USB has 8GB of storage.


As per a Microsoft forum and the explanation from WoeUSB shown above, the maximum size of a single file on a FAT32 device is 4 GiB. That file system uses a 32-bit field to store the file size in bytes, and 2^32 bytes = 4 GiB (actually, the real limit is 4 GiB minus one byte, or 4 294 967 295 bytes, because you can have files of zero length). {Thanks to a SuperUser poster a CVn for the explanation why).

Your file 'install.wim' is larger than 4 GiB, so it can't be written to a FAT32 device. Sadly, Microsoft keeps putting more and more into the Windows installer, and it has grown larger than FAT32 will allow.

SOLUTION: Format the USB using NTFS which permits files >4 GiB before you create the LiveUSB. Right-click on the USB once inserted, and choose Format, then choose NTFS in the Type field.

When the USB drive is formatted, then open WoeUSB and it will allow you to create a LiveUSB with the huge Windows .WIM file.


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