I would like to disable the auto-logon feature on my Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon box.

I have tried all the answers to This question (same question, older Mint)

None have worked.

How do you disable auto-login on Mint 19 Cinnamon?

Thanks a bunch!

[Edit] seems like questions about this is frowned upon. Thanks @inquisitive_lurker and @Andrew F for pointing me in the right direction

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    This seems like the inverse of this answer. You may want to try something along those lines. – Andrew F Jan 24 at 10:16
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    Specifically, see this answer to the question Andrew linked. – Inquisitive Lurker Jan 24 at 10:27

Thanks @Andrew F and @Inquisitive Lurker

This is how you do it on Cinnamon 19:

  1. Menu

  2. Preferences

  3. System Settings

  4. Login Window ( + enter credentials)

  5. [Users] tab

Under ["Automatic login": username*] -> Remove entered login

Close window (there is no "save")


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