I'm trying to set the system-wide http_proxy environment variables (automated by a shell script) in such a way, that firefox uses them when executed from the LXDE start menu for all users.

So far I set the environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy in /etc/profile.d/99proxy.sh and in /etc/bash.bashrc for login-shell and non-login-shell respectively. If I execute firefox in a non-login shell, firefox uses the proxy. If I execute firefox in a login-shell, firefox uses the proxy also. But if I click on the link in the LXDE start menu, firefox appears to have the environment variables not available.

The first questions would be: In what context does LXDE execute firefox (or other applications)? The second question is: Where does a program executed by LXDE get its environment variables from?

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The right file for the proxy environment variables is /etc/environment.

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