I am used to the following shortcut back when I was on Windows:

Alt + n => Backspace

I used to do that simply with Autohotkey and assigning a global shortcut all over the windows. Is there a way to do that in Linux?

In short, I want a key combination work as if I pressed another key, global in the OS regardless of what application I am using, and I have a lot of them:

Alt + j = left cursor; Alt + l = right cursor; Alt + H = home; Alt + ' = end; Alt + 1 = Ctrl + Shift + Tab; Alt + 2 = Ctrl + Tab; and ...

  • Global, every where in the OS – Ahmad Neishabouri Jan 24 at 10:20
  • What have you tried? There are quite a few tutorials on this out there. – Sparhawk Jan 30 at 1:46

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