I am trying to access my Office PC(Dual monitor configured, access with citrix, behind a firewall) with "Remote Desktop" which is the only tool allowed. I can access my PC, but I only see an empty desktop with 3 folders that I have on my desktop, and a kind of launcher with 3 horizontal lines, on the right edge of the screen. Thats it. No application launcher, no taskbar, etc.

I managed to open a terminal by opening one of the folders(via Dolphin) and opening the terminal from its menu. But when I open any application(ex: GVim) using the terminal and minimize it, it disappears from the screen, and remains in the invisible taskbar. And some applications (ex:Firefox) are opening but not visible again.

Everything seems to indicate, as if i am seeing only my second monitor but not the primary monitor.

How can I fix this ?

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