We use angular for our front end, our compiled dist folder is uploaded to an S3 bucket which is connected to a load balancer. In order for our site to be rendered correctly for search engine bots we implemented Angular Universal which is running on an ec2-instance. The question is among all AWS service which one can we use to detect bot(or even allow a script that does) and redirect to the ec2-instance. Or is there any alternative approach this can take? I am currently looking into cloudfront and lamba.

  • It is not different content, bot can't crawl pure angular code, this is not cheating it is done by all this situation. – Aderemi Dayo Jan 23 at 9:08

One solution is to segregate users by JavaScript support.

Looking at duckduckgo.com?q=example one can observe the following;

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/html?q=example">

Checking the user agent is another solution (example).

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