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I'm trying to parse out test ids from a source file with grep, then concatenate all the cases into a single string.

Here I declare the empty string


then I loop over all lines in the source file with character pattern "// AdrCase "

grep -n "// AdrCase " ${sourceFile} | while read -r line ; do
    value=${str#*"// AdrCase "}
    value=${str#*" "}
    echo "adr case ID = "${value}

then echo the concatenated string

echo "adrCases = ${adrCases}"

but the string is just empty, and terminal echos

adrCases =

but ${value} echos the correct ID i.e. // AdrCase 12 53 would be have 53 parsed since there are two cases id, of which I want the latter. Parsing logic seems correct, but not string concatenation logic.

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