I want to install zfs on linux on a clean NAS installation, but I would really like the native encrytion feature that comes with the next (0.8) release.

My question is; If I install the current version, will I be able to upgrade to 0.8 and turn on encryption when it comes out, or should I rather wait?

  • Why do not install Solaris in such case? You will have the last possible version of ZFS code incorporated Commented Jan 20, 2019 at 14:09

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Yes, you can upgrade an existing pool's on-disk-format to support encryption, by running:

zpool set feature@encryption=enabled testpool

Or to enable all new on-disk features, simply do:

zpool upgrade -a

However, you cannot turn on encryption for a pre-created filesystem: you have to use zfs create -o encryption=on <filesystem> at the time of creation in order to encrypt your data. If you want to start using ZFS now, you'd have to create a new filesystem after upgrading and copy existing data from your unencrypted (old) dataset into the (new) encrypted one.

This and many more ZFS encryption administration topics are covered very nicely in this article.

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