Explain below mention command we are not passing username as well password still we can do rsync.

 rsync -avz rsync.apache.org::apache-dist /path/to/mirror

rsync.apache.org::apache-dist provides a public rsync server. There is no need to authenticate with username or password to download things from it.

If possible, choose an Apache mirror that is close to you. A list of official (full) mirror servers are available at https://www.apache.org/mirrors/dist.html (see the "type" column for which ones supports rsync).

  • Thanks, Yes i got this command from mention URL you shared. but I wan to know how rsync command work without auth. And what is public rsync server ? – ankuj Jan 19 at 11:39
  • @ankuj It works because the rsync server is not expecting any authentication. It is a public server, available to anyone. "Public" in this regard means "the general public", i.e. anyone that knows how to access it. – Kusalananda Jan 19 at 11:40

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