When I set up arch linux, I created a partition with fdisk, and ran mkfs.ext4 on /dev/sda.

Now, I want to partition /dev/sda to have 2 partitions, instead of just one. The problem is, that when I try to resize /dev/sda, it shows that the unallocated space is in the partition, and I cannot create a new partition.

image of setup in gparted

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    It seems technically it's not a partition. You have a filesystem on the entire device. – Kamil Maciorowski Jan 18 at 17:45
  • @KamilMaciorowski Yup, that's my problem. – skiilaa Jan 18 at 17:45

To convert a volume without a partition table to one with a partition table one can copy the data elsewhere than back again after the format, or perform the operation in place;

  • shrink the file system to start at 1GB and end 1GB before the end.
  • note down the exact start/end locations.
  • write a new partition table (will look like the data is lost)
  • create a partition around the noted locations.

you may want to do this on a test volume before trying it with important data so you know how to do it correctly.

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