The Redhat kickstart documentation describes how to deselect/exclude packages in the packages section - i.e. one may put - in front of a package name to exclude it.

But it doesn't fully work in this example (when installing CentOS 7):


Anaconda still installs some of the excluded packages, i.e.:


Why aren't all excluded? How to I effectively include more of them?

Note that after the first reboot yum *firmware does select linux-firmware for removal without any dependencies.

Removal of the others would also remove some inverse-dependent packages - e.g. for teamd the NetworkManager-team package. The only dramatic one is pinentry, which is required by yum, and thus yum rightfully refuses to remove it.

  • Some of the package you mention are in the @core group default packages and might be installed therefore? – Thomas Jan 19 at 9:31
  • @Thomas, linux-firmware is part of @core (in the Default Packages section) but also many others like postfix and iwl*firmware which are properly excluded. – maxschlepzig Jan 19 at 11:12

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