I have been following this tutorial to install ELK stack in a remote server which runs on Amazon Linux. https://www.aytech.ca/blog/setup-elk-stack-amazon-linux/
I was able to install Elasticsearch and then to start it as a service.Then I installed logstash. However when I try to start the logstash service using this command,

service logstash status 

the console returns this error.

 logstash: unrecognized service

However, when I grep'd the logstash it gave this output. Means it is running,right?
enter image description here

Can someone provide a solution how to make this logstash run as a service?

enter image description here

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    so the similar command service elasticsearch start worked just fine? – Jeff Schaller Jan 18 '19 at 16:57
  • @JeffSchaller I added a screenshot of outputs to those two commands to the question. – Sandun Jan 21 '19 at 8:50
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    This guide might refer to Amazon Linux 1 and if you launched an instance recently you might have launched Amazon Linux 2, can you try running systemctl status logstash and see what is the output in that case. – Yaron Jan 21 '19 at 9:40
  • @Yaron I tried running that and it gave me -bash: systemctl: command not found. – Sandun Jan 21 '19 at 10:53
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    is there anything logstash-related in /etc/init.d? – Jeff Schaller Jan 21 '19 at 13:09

Eventually I had to relaunch the server with Amazon Linux 2 OS.Now I am able to run Logstash inside that,but I still don't know how to tackle the issue in an Amazon Linux 1 OS.

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