• Have confirmed correct server is configured in /etc/ntp.conf
  • It can ping that server.
  • It definitely has the ntp package

    /home/admin# dpkg -s ntp Package: ntp Status: install ok installed

  • But the daemon is not running

    /home/admin# ps wax | grep ntp 21959 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep ntp

  • Status check

    /home/admin# ntpstat Unable to talk to NTP daemon. Is it running?

  • I get this when I try to restart it

    /home/admin# systemctl start ntpd Failed to start ntpd.service: Unit ntpd.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

What should try next?

  • You should reinstall ntp and check the dependencies etc., then check if there's a systemd unit present. – eblock Jan 18 at 12:03

To check the status of ntp you should use:

systemctl status ntp

By modifying the /etc/ntp.conf you should restart the service through:

systemctl restart ntp

The ntpstat report Unable to talk to NTP daemon. Is it running? , you can simply start the ntp service through:

systemctl start ntp

To start the service at boot time:

systemctl enable ntp

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