A bit of a basic problem, I'm slightly embarrased I'm running into it, however man lrztar didn't show me any commands for this.

Basically, lets say I've got an archiving station which handles terabytes of data. Every single day, it downloads certain data from certain public websites and stores them in a specific order. Every week, I'd like to create lrztar files to hold these folders, or add to any existing lrztar files.


tree ~/.archives/
├── Videos
│   └── ...
├── Photos
│   └── ...
├── Videos.tar.lrz
├── Photos.tar.lrz

I'd like to update the Videos.tar.lrz or Photos.tar.lrz with any new Videos/Photos that are collected. The problem is I can't figure out a way to programmatically do this.

My current solution, albiet extremely bad, is to decompress the tar.lrz, merge the new and old contents, and recompress it. This is obviously very time consuming, and definitely not good for running every week.

Is there a better way to handle what I'm trying to do?

  • short - no: you can't simply chop/splice a compressed file – Thomas Dickey Jan 18 at 1:06

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