Hardware: Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7577, model number 7577-92774.

System: I am on Linux Mint 19.1; based on Ubuntu 18.04.

Processor: I have an Intel Kaby Lake CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ.

I have read a few performance tips, which might increase my CPU power by 1% or so ... it does not matter at this point, I just want to give it a shot.

One of these tips includes changing CPU governor from powersave to performance.

I want a solution that does not involve me fiddling with the BIOS, this question is for software only solutions.

I have read multiple threads utilizing cpufrequtils in order to achieve this.

I am curious as to why I could not just put:

@reboot /usr/bin/cpupower frequency-set -g performance

into root's crontab? It would not work or what?

Anyway my general question is:

How to permanently set CPU governor without cpufrequtils?

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