Is there a way to source a base64 encoded file in bash instead of doing this?

cat $DIR/data/saves/$savegame | base64 --decode > $DIR/data/saves/$savegame.decoded
. $DIR/data/saves/$savegame.decoded
rm $DIR/data/saves/$savegame.decoded > /dev/null

If and only if you're supremely confident that the base64-encoded blob is safe:

$ cat test.b64
$ base64 -D test.b64
echo "this is a test"
$ . <(base64 -D test.b64)
this is a test
  • . <(base64 -d test.b64) works. One difference: my base64 works with lowercase 'd' instead of uppercase 'D' – user6679493 Jan 17 at 16:46
  • -D vs. -d is probably a distinction drawn between different versions of the utility. – DopeGhoti Jan 17 at 17:49

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