I'm using this expect script as an answerfile to a interactive shell script:


spawn ./interactivescriptname
expect "Question 1?"
send "something\r"
expect "Question 2?"
send "yes\r"
expect "Password?"
send "somepassword\r"

above works, but i want to use variables from a inputfile.

my variables files look like this:


Normally in bash i would use the source command, but this doesn't work in expect.

Any ideas?


One method would be to set TCL variables in a file (here, vars) and then source that file from the main script.

$ cat vars  
set var1 something
set var2 yes
set var3 Hunter2
$ cat script 
#!/usr/bin/env expect
source vars
puts $var3
$ chmod +x script
$ ./script 

It may be good to use more informative variable names than varN ...

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