After fresh system install (opensuse Tumbleweed) I have observed strange activity on network monitor - some app is generating small network traffic (sending and receiving data)... how to track which process is causing this network traffic?


When you observe this traffic, note which port and protocol is used. Then check with

netstat -tulpen

First column is the protocol, the number after the : in the Local Address column is the port. The last column shows the PID/Program name


NetHogs can do the job:


You may want to decrease the refresh rate with the -d option.

Available options as of version 0.8.5-2:

usage: nethogs [-V] [-h] [-b] [-d seconds] [-v mode] [-c count] [-t] [-p] [-s] [device [device [device ...]]]
        -V : prints version.
        -h : prints this help.
        -b : bughunt mode - implies tracemode.
        -d : delay for update refresh rate in seconds. default is 1.
        -v : view mode (0 = KB/s, 1 = total KB, 2 = total B, 3 = total MB). default is 0.
        -c : number of updates. default is 0 (unlimited).
        -t : tracemode.
        -p : sniff in promiscious mode (not recommended).
        -s : sort output by sent column.
   -a : monitor all devices, even loopback/stopped ones.
        device : device(s) to monitor. default is all interfaces up and running excluding loopback

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