Neither Nautilus, Caja or Thunar show my removable storage device in the list of devices.

I can mount it manually using udisksctl:

$ udisksctl mount --block-device /dev/sdd1 Mounted /dev/sdd1 at

It shows up in gvfs:

$ gio mount -l
"Drive(4): Generic Flash Disk

But gvfs can't mount it:

$ gio mount -d /dev/sdd1 
gio: /dev/sdd1: No volume for device file"

Nothing I've tried seems to work.


It turns out that udisks has an attribute for drives that marks them as ignored.

You can see if this attribute is set with the following:

$ udevadm info /dev/sdd1  | grep -i ignore

Udisks sets this attribute on devices based on heuristics and configuration. See man udisks and search for ignore.

In this case it turns out that partitions named "RECOVERY" among others are set as ignored by the default udev rules. See here.

So the solution was to rename my linux recovery usb stick to something else than "RECOVERY".

  • Now that was a quick solution. – Panki Jan 16 at 16:28

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