I use MATE 1.16.2 on Debian (Stretch) 9.0.0 and I've been customizing my command line of choice: mate-terminal (version 1.16.3).

I've made a distinctive $PS1 prompt and further personalized my .bashrc and .bash_aliases, made all the changes I care to in Edit > Profile Preferences, even managed to get mate-terminal's background transparency setting to work.

Now I want to automatically hide the menu bar (File / Edit / View / Search / etc) and the tab bar, and perhaps even hide or better yet change the color scheme of the scroll bar, when I switch to full screen mode (via View > Full Screen or by pressing F11). Basically I want to emulate an old fashioned borderless full screen terminal, and then have it all revert to normal when I return to window mode.

Is this possible, and if so how?

I've turned up these pages but I'm not sure they if they will be helpful.

Is there a way to persistently disable the menu bar in Konsole on Gnome 3?

Is it possible to fully hide the app bar in xfce?


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