When Installing latest stable MediaWiki on A CentOS machine I created a user and a password with my email as part of the LocalSettings.php file that the installer creates.

After the installation wizard finished I downloaded the LocalSettings.php file and uploaded it to the site's directory.

I then navigated to MediaWiki site in my browser by the website's domain.

  • When I try to login I get an error message that the credentials for my user are wrong.

  • When I try to retrieve password to my email my username isn't recognized.

  • I also tried a capitalized version.

Why is it?


This seems to have been a browser caching issue. After I closed the browser tab and opened another and got into the website anew, I could then login.

It might be that I totally closed the browser window --- I didn't notice if I closed it in between using the different tabs. I think I didn't close the browser window.

In either case I didn't refresh the page F5 or CTRL+R or CTRL+F5 and similar.

  • That's definitely not a browser caching issue. Could be an issue with the server-side cache in MediaWiki (the admin user not being available yet or being in some half-created state) although it seems unlikely. But it's impossible to debug that without way more details (what cache backend you use etc), especially if it doesn't happen anymore. – Tgr Jan 15 '19 at 19:52
  • Thanks, you might want to make this an answer somehow and I'll gladly accept. – user149572 Jan 18 '19 at 23:39

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