I use Manjaro (arch) and Thunderbird 60.4.0. Are there any add-ons or apps to show Thunderbird in tray (and unread message count)?

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You can use birdtray: Birdtray — Birdtray is a system tray new mail notification for Thunderbird 60+ which does not require extensions. Run Thunderbird with a system tray icon.

https://github.com/gyunaev/birdtray || birdtrayAUR

it is already on aur.


You can also use alltray together with a thunderbird addon called Keep in Taskbar by Tinnyx. First install the add-on using thunderbirds add-on section. Then install alltray with pacman -S alltray then add alltray -H thunderbird to system startup commands.

This will launch Thunderbird at system startup minimized in tray. (It will not show message count though.)

You can leave -H out if you don't want to start minimized.

Alltray is supposed to work on any program so it's quite a useful tool. It definitely works on Thunderbird after version 60. It didn't play very well with Thunderbird up to version 60.

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