The default sort order in Files 3.30.5 (or Nautilus) has been changed to sorting alphabetically by name:

enter image description here

I prefer my view(s) to be sorted by type, so every time I open up a new instance, I don't have to configure the settings again and again:

enter image description here

I've searched for a while but I can't find a solution. I already have this key in Nautilus's (internal) settings: /org/gnome/nautilus/preferences/default-sort-order type

enter image description here

Any other way to accomplish this?

I've restarted it several times with: killall nautilus

  • I can confirm this... it's most likely the same bug reported here... – don_crissti Jan 14 '19 at 16:11
  • Ah! Didn't know about it...I guess I'll have to wait ;) – x80486 Jan 14 '19 at 16:24
  1. open nautilus
  2. sort as you want
  3. click right on the columns title and choose "Use Default"
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  • Please format properly your answer, use syntax too – mattia.b89 May 9 at 12:16
  • For some reason, it doesn't work for me; I know the answer was posted when I was using a different version and I'm currently using 3.36.2-5ee1fc0be, but it just doesn't remember the settings for each folder. If I keep browsing, some folders go back to sorted by name. I did try also resetting Nautilus with gsettings reset-recursively org.gnome.nautilus. – x80486 May 10 at 14:42

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