I have 7 differents workspaces and each of them have a different purpose.

But everything runs in the background... For exemple the workspace 5 with my browser is using CPU even when I'm on workspace 2. Which I find ridiculous. (I'm using a simple terminal and my cpu is at ~20% for some stupid JS running on another workspace.)

I'm using a script now to switch between workspaces, and it triggers a series of kill -SIGSTOP $(pidof PROGRAM) and -SIGCONT only the programs of the current workspace.

My CPU usage has decreased significantly, but are there any drawbacks of doing this?

Can a long term STOPPED process cause any trouble somehow?

Is there a more conventional way of doing the same thing?

  • Can avoid running many apps be an alternative? I usually only keep a couple of terminals and the web browser with 2-3 tabs at most. – Rui F Ribeiro Jan 14 at 13:22
  • I have a lot of them, but I still need them to be available instantly. I'm fine if they just wait in RAM but I can't let them change my overall system responsiveness. + laptop battery – bob dylan Jan 14 at 13:36

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