I have MSI GP62 6QE laptop and LG Flatron W1954s monitor. I want use the monitor as external to right of my laptop so i bought a HDMI to VGA adapter to do it. But the external monitor only displaying when it's setted for 800x600 resolution. It's supports 1440x900 resolution and it's listed on display settings, also model name is identfied correctly. But when i try to set it to 1440x900, monitor goes black screen. I tried many refresh modes of the monitor supporting, but never worked.

  • The monitor, laptop's HDMI output, cable and converter are healty.

  • Laptop makes output well when i plugged to 1920x1080 LCD TV.

  • Converter, cable and the monitor works well i tried on my desktop

  • PC's HDMI output, it's displaying as full resolution.

  • Tried many distros like Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, Fedora 29, Manjaro

    (also tried with kernel 4.20). Troubles are same. Also tried with

    proprietary NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu.

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