We have a fairly later(est) version of Manjaro linux xFCE, and we are trying to copy over 150 GB of data from a 1 terabyte HDD 5400 ROM to a Samsung external SSD T5 500 GB. It transfers at a whopping 100 KBs max.

I did an average amount of Googling, but I was unable to find commands that provided you with information on my USB ports (though I know they are 3.0 and I know my SSD has a USB c connected to a USB 3.0-of which connects to the computer so. My SSD Is a fat32gb though a exfat32may suffice.

Okay so it's still... slow. It also has an affinity to stop at 60-61 GB - which is interesting and odd.

Also when I do certain files individually the speed returns to normal, perhaps image files are of question.

The images file:

enter image description here

individual files of CSV origin.

Slow download speed.

  • Your first question was closed, in my opinion, not fairly. I voted it up and for leave open. Your other, deleted questions, I can't see. Sometimes closures are not okay. The best to do: try to ask the best questions here, and try to fight the closures on the meta site ( unix.meta.stackexchange.com ). – peterh Jan 14 at 6:06
  • If you want to attract the sympathy of the community, I would use a quite different tone (and an account not looking trollish). I tried to clean up your current post, and I suggest to leave it as it is. The Unix SE is not very bad in the view of the closures, you can adapt the customs relative easily, just listen what the others are saying and follow it. In exchange, you will get useful answers from professionals. I think it worths its price. – peterh Jan 14 at 6:09
  • In USB devices, particularly USB3 ones, some hardware problem is quite common. I think you should check if it is connected really as usb3 (probably only an usb2 compat modus is used, because the communication with your usb hdd is noisy). Try to use a different usb3 cable, and hopefully someone will show you, how to check if your drive is connected in usb2 or in usb3 modus. Good luck with your Linux and on the site! – peterh Jan 14 at 6:12
  • You say you're getting a maximum transfer rate of 100 KB/s. But both your pictures show more than this - 170 KiB/s and 27 MiB/s. What does dmesg show you when the transfer rate slows down? (You might see some kernel errors in there.) – roaima Jan 14 at 8:53

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