i need to try user specific commands like adding new user, changing or creating user password, user lookup information using finger command, and finally start new shell as different user. I wanna see the change that happens when these commands are used. i tried once using user add chrome ok, its like Permission denied

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Start simple, there's no need to remember all the commands, just find what you need the most.

The most common Linux commands can be found here

but to answer your question here's user commands :

  • Create user: sudo adduser username
  • Delete user: sudo deluser username
  • Add user to group: sudo adduser username groupname
  • List user status: sudo chage -l username
  • Change the listed details: sudo chage username

Notice how I used sudo before each command, this means the command is executed as the root user, not using sudo gives the access denied error. If you still get an access denied error with sudo, talk to your SysAdmin as you're not in the sudoers group.

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