XPROP returns WM_CLASS, and WM_NAME how do I target the different values returned by XPROP in i3?


i3's names are a little different. For all of these if the same key is available as _NET_ it holds precedence to the non-_NET_ variant. For reference

  • WM_NAME can be matched with title.
  • WM_CLASS is a two part field comma-seperated and quoted,

    • The first part is instance
    • The second part is class
  • WM_WINDOW_ROLE is window_role

  • WM_WINDOW_TYPE is window_type

These can all be found in the docs on i3 configuration though indexed in the opposite fashion, by i3-name.

Here is a simple script xprop2i3 which behaves like xprop except outputs i3 labels, and only the fields which i3 selectors use.

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