i have one file which contain following info - input -

a[1]= something_data_1;
a[2]= something_data_2;
a[3]= something_data_3;

so i want to replace that "a" with different pattern like below, Here diff* is a string which I want to replace.

Output -

diff1 [1]= something_data_1;
diff2 [1]= something_data_1;
diff3 [1]= something_data_1;

diff1 [2]= something_data_2;
diff2 [2]= something_data_2;
diff3 [2]= something_data_2;


I have tried:

/usr/bin/perl -w

      $_= "diff1$1 ". "diff2$1";

after trying this i am getting output like this,

diff[1] = diff2 something_data;

i am not able to understand what to do

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  • You do realize that once you replaced the "a" with "diff1" that there's no longer an "a" to replace with "diff2"? – Jeff Schaller Jan 12 at 18:33
  • Can you describe your desired transformation with some English phrases, instead of just code? Why wouldn't a static output of those 3 strings be sufficient? – Jeff Schaller Jan 13 at 15:25
  • yes jeff you are right once i replaced that a with diff1 there is no longer a to replace , is there any counter solution to get desired output mentioned above – deepak kulkarni Jan 13 at 16:35
  • Does your input file have DOS-style line endings? – glenn jackman Jan 13 at 18:11
  • its unix -style ending – deepak kulkarni Jan 13 at 18:18

You might want something like

chomp(my $line = $_);
if ($line eq "a") {
    $_ = "diff1\ndiff2\ndiff3\n";

I'm assuming you haven't chomped so that $_ still 3nds with newline. You need to capture the text that follows "a" so you can reuse it:

if (/^(\s*)a(\[.*)/) {
    $_ = "${1}diff1$2".
  • Hi glenn can you please help for edited question,thanks in advance. – deepak kulkarni Jan 13 at 8:53
  • hi glen , using your solution i am getting output something like this, diff1[1] =diff[2] = something; – deepak kulkarni Jan 13 at 16:32

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