In LXDE, is it correct that lxpanel is where we can invoke other programs?

How can I restart lxpanel using command line?

Will restarting lxpanel affect (e.g. kill, or send some signal to) processes invoked from lxpanel to run other programs? What processes will be affected and what not?

Although my question is specific to LXDE, I suspect it also applies to other desktop environments assuming they share the similar designs regarding their "panels".


  • At least lxpanel don't send a signa when exit, AFAIK, LXDE also don't when lxpanel exit. – 炸鱼薯条德里克 Jan 12 at 13:45

I haven't tried it with LXDE, but in theory, it should not terminate those processes unless:

a. It is a session leader, which is unlikely. b. It voluntarily decides to kill them. c. Some other process terminates them as a result of the lxpanel (or other launcher) termination.

I don't think any of those is the case of lxpanel. In some more monolithic environment (e.g., Gnome Shell), some similar action might cause termination of whole shell and consequently all the apps.

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lxpanel can be used as a place to start other apps, yes. For example, on my Debian LXDE system I have a top panel with an application bar. That application bar has a number of app short cuts on it. Clicking on the shortcut starts that app.

So I have one short cut that starts Quartus. When it's running...

% pstree -p -s 29439

% ps -p 29439 -o 'pid,pgid,ppid,cmd'
29439  2027  2103 quartus

Note the process group leader is lxsession.

Let's kill lxpanel...

% kill 2103

% pstree -p -s 29439

% ps -p 29439 -o 'pid,pgid,ppid,cmd'
29439  2027     1 quartus

That looks like a traditional re-parenting.

We can restart it with

% lxpanel --profile LXDE

Note this is where things start to get annoying. This is a foreground process, so you will have problems closing the terminal. It also doesn't always (in my experience) show exactly the same stuff. So I try to never kill lxpanel and just restart it, if it's ever necessary, with lxpanelctl --restart

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