gpg: AES256 encrypted data                      
gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase                                                   
gpg: decryption failed: Bad session key

I am doing decryption by following command:

gpg --passphrase-file /path/to/key --output /path/to/output --decrypt /path/to/file

It again asks for the passphrase and results in above mentioned error.

When I fed this error to a search engine, I encountered many questions which mentioned the last line 'Bad session key' and most of their answers said it may be because encryption was done by GnuPG version 1 and decryption is done by GnuPG version 2. However, in this case both the version are 2, and also I didn't find this exact same error in any question.

I am doing this on Termux on android.

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    Was the data encrypted with an older version of GnuPG? – Kusalananda Jan 12 at 8:21
  • @Kusalananda i don't know the exact release but passphrase file mentioned version: GnuPG2 – user573082 Jan 12 at 17:03

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