I'm searching through a ton of packages between a vm and host to see which package is causing text input issues for steam. I frequently need to check for and install packages on the guest machine and it would be helpful to have one for alias pacman='sudo pacman -Syu', while also needing one for alias pacman='pacman -Qi'also.

I've tried:

alias pacman_qi='\pacman -Qi'
unalias pacman
alias pacman='sudo pacman -Syu'

to no avail. How may I write an rc file, which allows for both pacman and pacman_qi variations, without having to use sudo in pacman_qi? I'm trying to avoid having to input my password for pacman_qi, currently I would.

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    Since you're already using sudo, how about adding a new entry with the pacman command and the NOPASSWD option? That should prevent the password prompt from appearing. – Haxiel Jan 12 at 4:37
  • How would I input that to a bashrc? – ZeroPhase Jan 12 at 4:45
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    It's not a user-level configuration, so bashrc will not work. You'd have to modify the system's sudoers file. You can check this question for the details: unix.stackexchange.com/q/18830/173368 – Haxiel Jan 12 at 5:30
  • I'm not sure I'd want pacman running without sudo. Yeah, for this I could do that. I would like to find an alias I could use in my personal rc file, as well. Just in case there is a means of scripting Bash, like that. But thanks, that's a useful backup and a good use for other use cases. – ZeroPhase Jan 12 at 7:15
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    Can‘t you just give a specific name to the second alias as well? pacman_syu for instance. Tab completion works with aliases, so there isn’t too much additional typing. – nohillside Jan 12 at 7:34

I test similar in Ubuntu. You can create a symlink and assign an alias to

ln -s n1 $(which nano)
alias nano2='nano -z'
alias nano1='./n1 -c'

The symlink should be in your PATH.

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