I'm getting window corners that are not properly rendered. I tried using lightdm, gdm, gnome classic, and gnome(3). I finally ended up with flashback - it starts and draws with no problems (except sigsegv accurate after install and just the 1st time).

  • By "angles", do you mean "corners"? Is the issue the sharp black bit behind the rounded corner of the window? – Kusalananda Jan 12 at 8:36
  • Yes, black corners. (sorry for my english) – D. Smirnov Jan 12 at 9:57
  • No worries. I reformulated the text somewhat. Does the last sentence mean that flashback does not work, or that the installation fails the 1st time only, or that it properly renders the corners but that there's some other issue with it? I was unsure what you meant by using the word "accurate". – Kusalananda Jan 12 at 10:27
  • Well, flashback is the only thing that works(as well as unity), just throws exception after install and then works normal(I don't know why). It's just sad, that gnome3 and gnome-classic have this very little minus(black corners). – D. Smirnov Jan 12 at 10:50
  • I mean, flashback and unity work with no black corners, but gnome3 and gnome - classic have black corners. – D. Smirnov Jan 12 at 11:07

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