I need to run a script AFTER systemd has started the user dbus.service and run another script BEFORE systemd attempts to stop dbus.service. I don't want to modify the existing service files. The script is supposed to save and restore the loaded CDEmu images across reboots. The global service that called cdemu with --bus system has stopped working a few years ago, because in modern distros each user has their own set of loaded virtual images.

My current solution is having two user services: the -pre.service WantedBy=dbus.service and the -post.service that Requires=dbus.service

The latter is auto-stopped along with dbus.service. The first service must be enabled manually for each user who wants it. It starts the second service by launching systemctl start in background to avoid deadlock. Also, the first service stops immediately after start to properly handle dbus restart.

I want to know whether it's possible to reduce the number of services to just one, possibly with StopWhenUnneeded.

For testing I exit the X session and do:

$ systemctl --user stop dbus
$ systemctl --user start dbus


# /etc/systemd/user/dbus-pre.service
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/dbus-hook pre-start
# will be started again when dbus restarts

# systemctl --user enable dbus-pre


# /etc/systemd/user/dbus-post.service
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/dbus-hook post-start
ExecStop=/usr/local/bin/dbus-hook pre-stop
# oneshot supposed to spare dbus until ExecStop finishes
# RemainAfterExit=true prevents immediate stop of our service

# Requires= supposed to stop us when dbus stops
# After= supposed to spare dbus until our service stops


# /usr/local/bin/dbus-hook
echo "$1"
case $1 in
        echo "starting dbus-post.service..."
        /usr/bin/systemctl --user start dbus-post.service >/dev/null 2>&1
        echo "restoring cdemu mounts..."
        if [ -f ~/.config/cdemu.save ]; then
                read -r x
                read -r x
                while read -r n b f; do
                    if [ x"True" = x"$b" ]; then
                        /usr/bin/cdemu load "$n" "$f"
            } <~/.config/cdemu.save
        echo "saving cdemu mounts..."
        if /usr/bin/pgrep -u "${USER:?}" -x cdemu-daemon >/dev/null; then
                mkdir -p ~/.config
            /usr/bin/cdemu status >~/.config/cdemu.save

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