Here's the situation:



drwxrwxrwx   4 me group 4.0K Jan 11 17:53 dir1
drwxr-xr-x 4 other_guy group 4.0K Jan 11 17:48 dir2
-rw-r--r-- 1 other_guy group 158 Jan 11 17:48 file.txt

Trying to remove dir2:

dir1> rm -rf dir2
rm: cannot remove 'dir2/file.txt': Permission denied

Is there any way to remove dir2 without root access?

Some context: I set up dir1 just to have a colleague share some files with me. He put dir2 and I processed everything, now I want to get rid of dir2. Is the only way to get rid of it to contact my colleague or the server admin?

  • See also unix.stackexchange.com/questions/407917/…. Note that in that question, the user does not even have read permission on the non-empty subdir, thus cannot even see what's preventing them from removing the directory. – Stefan Hamcke Jan 11 at 17:56
  • "Is there any way to remove dir2 without root access?" You can with other_guy access. – Emmanuel Jan 11 at 18:08
  • note that if this isn't done with malicious intent from other_guy, setting correct ACLs before other_guy creates a directory will grant joint inherited write access to anything created after in your directory, including subdirs. (I'd say: setfacl -m d:u:me:rwX -m d:u:other_guy:rwX dir1 ). Of course other_guy can revoke this on owned files. – A.B Jan 11 at 18:30
  • So the only ways are with other_guy and root access? If both are unavailable and dir2 takes up all of my user's allocated disk data, the machine would be unusable for me? – eimrek Jan 11 at 19:10

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