I have a folder populated with PDF files in this format:

and so forth, with the middle part being digits.

I want a way for each pair of files to be merged in a single pdf, without the -sol

How can i do so in terminal? Thanks

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The pdfunite utility seems to do what you're looking for (in Debian-like Linux distributions it is part of the poppler-utils package.

$ pdfunite a.pdf b.pdf c.pdf combined.pdf

Another option is GhostScript:

$ gs -q -sPAPERSIZE=letter -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite =sOutputFile=combined.pdf a.pdf b.pdf c.pdf

ImageMagick also speaks GhostScript, so if you already are familiar with that:

$ convert a.pdf b.pdf c.pdf combined.pdf

Python also provides a PDF library, pdftools:

$ python3 pdftools/pdfmerge.py -o combined.pdf -d a.pdf b.pdf c.pdf

Regardless of which tool you use, we also need a way to pair off the files based on your described criteria. This brace-expanded glob should get the first of each pair:


So we can loop over that:

for pdf in SI-T-*{0..9}.pdf; do

We can procedurally determine what the second file name would be based on the first:

$ pdf1='SI-T-xxxxxx.pdf'
$ pdf2="$(basename "$pdf1" .pdf)-sol.pdf"
$ printf "%s %s" "$pdf1" "$pdf2"
$ SI-T-xxxxxx.pdf SI-T-xxxxxx-sol.pdf

So let's work that into our loop:

for pdf1 in SI-T-*{0..9}.pdf; do
    pdf2="$(basename "$pdf1" .pdf)-sol.pdf"
    pdf3="$(basename "$pdf1" .pdf)-combined.pdf"
    if ! [[ -r "$pdf2" ]]; then
        printf "%s not found to merge with %s; skipping" "$pdf2" "$pdf1" >&2        
        convert "$pdf1" "$pdf2" "$pdf3"
  • @steeldriver That's exactly what i needed, thanks a lot. Can you explain the syntax a bit? Kind of a Linux noob here ^^ – Merig Jan 11 at 16:40

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