I made a recording with

ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i plughw:0,0  /tmp/audio.mp4

I then moved /tmp/audio.mp4 to another directory (/root/audio.mp4) without stopping ffmpeg leading to a broken .mp4 file:

ffplay /root/audio.mp4
[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x7f3524000b80] moov atom not found
audio.mp4: Invalid data found when processing input

How to recover and read my .mp4 file?


You can try and use Untrunc to fix the file.

Restore a damaged (truncated) mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp video. Provided you have a similar not broken video.

you may need to compile it from source, but there is another option to use a Docker container and bind the folder with the file into the container and fix it that way.

You can use the included Dockerfile to build and execute the package as a container

docker build -t untrunc
docker run -v ~/Desktop/:/files untrunc /files/filea /files/fileb
  • The Untrunc in the repository provided doesn't compile in Ubuntu 18.04 because of "track.cpp:57:11: fatal error: config.h: No such file or directory". But this fork do compile. github.com/anthwlock/untrunc – HD189733b Dec 20 '19 at 7:25

Solution provided here (https://github.com/ponchio/untrunc) solved my problem! I run it as a Docker container. Here my steps:

  • Install Docker (in case you don't have it yet)
  • Download the file https://github.com/ponchio/untrunc/blob/master/Dockerfile
  • On the same directory of the Dockerfile, run:

    docker build -t untrunc .
  • That will build a local docker image - it takes time.

  • Now you have to provide a sample file from the same origin (in my case the same camera) and the corrupted file you wanna fix. E.g.:

    docker run -v /path/to/files/:/files untrunc /files/working_video /files/broken_video

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