Hi I an FTP folder called Input where I get sent files which look something like this:

"Guide to Iceland _ Chen-ping Wang itinerary T-987654987.pdf"
"Guide to Iceland _ T-123654875 Chen-ping Wang itinerary.pdf"

Basicly the description of the file can be different but it always includes "T-" and some numbers.

I need to create a bash script that copies the file to the folder ../Output and renames the file so the "T-" and the numbers comes first, and then rest of the filename. Example: "T-123654875 - Guide to Iceland _ Chen-ping Wang itinerary.pdf"

I intended to use Grep to get the name right. Searching for (.+)(T-\d+) and replacing it with $2 - $1

But I can't get it to work right.

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    Does your system have the perl-based rename / prename command? – steeldriver Jan 11 '19 at 1:02
  • I am running this on Macintosh and intended to use the move mv command to rename it. – Þorgeir Valur Ellertsson Jan 11 '19 at 1:28
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    What do your current efforts look like? – tink Jan 11 '19 at 1:50

grep alone and replace to me doesn't look like a usable combo. How do you feel about sed?

$ ls *pdf
Guide to Iceland _ Chen-ping Wang itinerary T-987654987.pdf
Guide to Iceland _ T-123654875 Chen-ping Wang itinerary.pdf

And then a little for loop in bash:

$ for i in *pdf; do mv "$i" "$( echo $i |  sed -r  's/^(.*)(T-[0-9]{9})(.+)$/\2 - \1\3/'  )"; done

This iterates over all PDFs in the current directory; stores their name in $i for every iteration, echos the content through sed (and uses its output as the target of the mv). sed breaks up the file-name in three parts and rearranges these. I recommend replacing mv with echo mv for testing :)

Which gives us:

$ ls *pdf
T-123654875 - Guide to Iceland _  Chen-ping Wang itinerary.pdf
T-987654987 - Guide to Iceland _ Chen-ping Wang itinerary .pdf
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  • Thank you @tink sed is deffenetly the tool I should be using. There where one fault with the code to have it run in bash in my case sed use "-E" in stead of "-r" for regular expression. $ for i in *pdf; do mv "$i" "$( echo $i | sed -E 's/^(.*)(T-[0-9]{9})(.+)$/\2 - \1\3/' )"; done But I need help making changes to the code. I don't need to check if it is PDF and I use an app to run the script and it Use $1 to refer to the file being processed. Can you help me make the modification so it works. – Þorgeir Valur Ellertsson Jan 13 '19 at 1:17

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