As a follow-up to this question:

I want to reduce High I/O Load on Raspberry Pi when streaming with MiniDLNA from an SSHFS/NFS Share.

At 'iotop' I could see MiniDLNA/Samba uses over 99% Disk I/O Traffic Usage. The SSHFS Service is low at I/O usage.

Now I couldn't find an option to run MiniDLNA/Samba only in RAM, or just to change working/real Cache Directory. (Could be changed to tmpfs)

-Is it possible to run MiniDLNA/SAMBA 'only' in RAM to reduce Disk I/O Load?

Should be possible,or? SSHFS is already using RAM as 'Read Buffer' or whatever the correct terminus is ;) Shouldn't this be easy, all Data will get transfered 'on-the-fly'/instant from SSHFS Share to DLNA/SAMBA Client...

  • Is the disk that MiniDLNA/Samba use on a usb device and are you using ethernet? – kemotep Jan 10 at 18:56
  • The disk is mounted over Ethernet – Deetze Jan 10 at 20:05
  • I think this thread is related to your issue. Please edit your post to include the output of iotop -o – kemotep Jan 10 at 20:28

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