Usually when using Windows people have several mouse states and each state have an icon and means something different. I'm testing a Mint 19 and I'm not able to see the states "application starting" or "working in background". Is there any way to solve this? Maybe using a different mouse icon set?


The available mouse cursors depend on the toolkit being used; plain X knows at least 77 different cursors, Gdk knows at least 34.

The cursor being used is controlled by each application, for any window or widget it displays on the screen. There isn’t a global cursor, so there is no state for “application starting”; applications can choose to display a “busy” cursor, but they have to take care of that themselves.

  • So if I've understood correctly, every app should tell what mouse icon cursor to use on every event... But hey, in GDK3 I've found the cursor state known as "progress", that would be equivalent to "app_starting" or "working_background"... So a mouse cursor depends on 2 things, first the state the app wants to show and second, if the icon for that state is available in the icon set, right? – user329296 Jan 27 '19 at 10:15

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