I installed mysql@5.6 via brew (brew install mysql@5.6) under my macOS, but when I run sudo dtrace -ln 'mysql*:::', comparing to Table 5.6 MySQL DTrace Probes there are only a few probes listed,

sudo dtrace -ln 'mysql*:::'
ID   PROVIDER            MODULE                          FUNCTION NAME
94387 mysql94668           SPMySQL                       my_net_read net-read-done
94388 mysql94668           SPMySQL                       my_net_read net-read-start
94389 mysql94668           SPMySQL                 net_write_command net-write-done
94390 mysql94668           SPMySQL                      my_net_write net-write-done
94391 mysql94668           SPMySQL                 net_write_command net-write-start
94392 mysql94668           SPMySQL                      my_net_write net-write-start 

I edited mysql@5.6 Formula(brew edit mysql@5.6) to add the -DENABLE_DTRACE=1 option, but it does not work.

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