I have a directory with file names as " 202.png, 405.png, 0052.png, 04050.png, ...... I need a find command to find filenames excluding zeros that appear in the beginning of the file name. For example if i have a file with file name 00504.png then when I pass argument 504.png to find command it has to return the filename 00504.png which is actual name of the file in the directory.

Expected output command is

$ find . -name 504.png

It has to return the original filename which is 00504.png


As far as I know, the find command's -name only supports simple glob matches. However you could use -regex to match 504.png prefixed by zero or more 0 characters:

find . -regex '.*/0*504.png'

The leading .*/ is because -regex is a full path match.

If you don't need a recursive search, then shells such as bash may provide extended globs that allow expressions like *(0)

printf '%s\n' *(0)504.png

Check the documentation for the shell you are using.

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