I disabled login in YAST, users, thinking I was enabling auto-login, and now when I get the login window on boot my password is invalid. So I cannot boot Tumbleweed to re-enable login (catch 22). How I can boot into Opensuse?

My system is a Thinkpad X201, with OSs: Opensuse, Antergos, Mint, PClinux, Windows 7.

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You can do it from, say, Mint Linux that you have. It just must have a shell.

The following commands should be executed as root.

mkdir /mnt_suse
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt_suse
  • Instead of sda2 put the name of the partition where Opensuse's root directory is located
    Use lsblk -f if it helps
$EDITOR /mnt_suse/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager
  • Find the line containing DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN=""
    and change it to DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN="your_user_name"
    with the intended name instead
umount /mnt_suse
rmdir /mnt_suse

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