When I use Debian I install ufw then running the following code to unfilter my desired ports:

ufw --force enable
ufw allow 22,25,80,443

As I think to move to Arch Linux I'd like to ask what substitutes Debian's ufw in Arch? Is there an Arch-native tool to easily manage the iptables?


I don't think there is a "Arch-native" tool, as there are not many Arch projects to begin with.

According to the wiki, Arch Linux comes with two options for managing a firewall: iptables or the newer nftables project.

iptables should be installed by default, and you can install various front-ends like ufw or shorewall for managing its rules.

So you can simply keep using ufw on Arch Linux.

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  • Thanks. I assume I can use the code above ufw --force enable && ufw allow 22,25,80,443 (can't test now). – user149572 Jan 11 '19 at 10:44

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