I need to find a user for a userid. The return from the authentication system is as follows. Now with a bash script I need to extract the line with the exact number. Not 5 and 25 ..

28  user1
25  user2 
5   user3

If I use grep 5 I do get 2 lines but I need the line with "5".

Any ideas ?


There are several ways of doing it.

IMHO the best way is to use awk, which is useful when dealing with fields.

If you want a grep based solution, I would do:

grep -w '^5'

The -w tells grep to match the exact word, so this will not match "52". The "^" tells grep to search the 5 at the beginning of the line, which will fail if there are e.g. leading spaces.

The awk solution would look like:

awk '$1 == 5'

If you want only the username, which is the second column:

awk '$1 == 5 {print $2}'

If you're searching for a string and not a numeric value, enclose the string in double quotes:

awk '$1 == "abc" {print $2}'
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    thanks I have choosen the awk way. awk '$1 == 5 {print $2}' that worked. – Dave. Jan 9 at 14:05
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    @Dave. Since this answer worked for you, please consider clicking the checkbox beside it to signal to future readers it answered your question. – bishop Jan 9 at 20:59

You could try with a regex (first char in line) and including the space:

grep -E "^5 "
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    This would be better as grep -E "^5\s" in case there's a tab and not a space. – terdon Jan 9 at 13:50

Try the following:

query-auth-system | grep "^5\\>"
  • ^: means "match at start of line
  • \\>: matches a word-boundary. So it will match 5, but not 50.
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    That will also match lines starting with 5:, 5%, 5| etc. – terdon Jan 9 at 13:49

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