I am running pstree on MacOS Majave and wan to Show branches of processes using VT100 graphic chars:

$ pstree -g 2 | head -n 3
─┬◆ 00001 root /sbin/launchd
 ├──◆ 00049 root /usr/sbin/syslogd
 ├──◆ 00050 root /usr/libexec/UserEventAgent (System)

Tried to show it from less

ESC(BESC)0^Nqw`^O 00001 root /sbin/launchd
^N tqq`^O 00049 root /usr/sbin/syslogd
^N tqq`^O 00050 root /usr/libexec/UserEventAgent (System)

How could I solve such a problem?


This gives me something very similar to the vt100 line drawing set:

$ pstree -g 2 -U|less

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